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A Bit About Us

We are a pest control company based in Redruth, Cornwall. 

We are fully qualified to level 3 BPCA Pest Management and experienced in all the services we offer. 

We offer Pest Proofing for buildings including rodent and bird proofing to prevent future infestations.

We offer pest control services for a variety of pests including rats, mice, wasps, flies, fleas, birds, bedbugs, moles and squirrels.

We offer Loft clearances including riddance of rodents, insulation removal and pest disinfectant and proofing if required

We can also offer pest contracts for all types of businesses to provide ongoing pest surveys and reports, recommendations to prevent future issues and pest control and riddance when required

Professional Services


Rat Riddance and Control

Brown Rats are adaptable, highly mobile and breed rapidly. This combination can make rat control a difficult task for the untrained individual. For any Brown Rat infestation, we would always recommend contacting a professional pest control company. They are trained in rat control and will have access to a range of professional use rodenticides which are not available to the public. We offer control methods specific to each client and offer advice and recommendations to prevent the infestation reoccurring including proofing issues and options going forward


Cluster Fly Control

These are dark greyish flies about 8mm long with yellowish hairs on the back and with overlapping wings. In autumn they congregate in large numbers in upper rooms or roof spaces of houses to hibernate. They will then reemerge in Spring to seek out egg laying sites outside. They are sluggish in flight and are a nuisance in the house. The larvae of one species are parasitic upon certain earthworms, so this species is more common in rural areas.

Pest control contractors may use insecticidal fogs or smoke generators to clear heavy infestations. Cluster flies may return to the same location year after year.


Wasp Control

The onset of the warmer weather during the summer months brings with it an annual nuisance of wasps for many businesses and home owners.  Nests are found in roof spaces, cavity walls, eaves, and sheds  and are often at height and difficult to reach.

Wasps become particularly aggressive at this time of the year if disturbed, attacking and stinging which can result in medical problems for those who are allergic to the sting.

We provide wasp nest removal services in your home or business. With affordable and fast treatment  our effective, same day service will locate and treat the problem with the minimal of fuss and distress 


Flea Control

Although fleas dont have wings, they have incredibly powerful legs which allow them to jump long distances and move easily between you and your pets, leaving behind itchy bites.

Successful control requires flea treatment of both your property and your pets, if you have them.

We offer safe, effective treatments for your home or business to ensure complete control of your flea infestation using targeted treatments to get rid of your fleas effectively.


Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are an increasing problem worldwide, because as people travel more for both business and leisure, the chances of encountering these pests and inadvertently spreading bed bugs increases. Bed bugs are also becoming an increasing issue in student accommodation, care homes and apartments, as once established they can spread easily between rooms.The sooner treatment is started the better, and we offer a selection of professional treatments for bed bugs which are specifically designed to eliminate these pests.


Routine Pest Control For Businesses

Our pest control team offer a wide range of services to a wide range of different businesses.

Our technicians will complete a comprehensive site survey specific to your requirements

Will rate the pest risk to your business at every visit and carry out appropriate control measures

Will provide regular reporting and ongoing recommendations at each visit

If you would like any more details please get in contact


Bird Control and Proofing

We provide bird control to a wide variety of sites including industrial sites, construction sites, office blocks, shops, farmsand domestic properties. In order to ensure you have the most effective bird control solutions we recommend that we first survey your site to fully understand the bird control problem. 

Bird issues include 

Bird fouling – deposits on buildings, solar panelling cars, stock, rooftops or machinery can be a significant health and safety risk 

Aggressive behaviour – very common during the nesting season (March – September)

Nesting in or on buildings – clogging drains and gutters also encouraging insect infestations

Noise – Some bird species are very loud, for example gull calls can be disruptive to businesses or residential areas

Typical bird control and bird deterrent measures we may recommend include:

Traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking

Using innovative proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents

Egg & nest removal – A humane way to prevent bird populations increasing


Great service from Matt. Our rodent problem was dealt with really quickly.



MSB pest control did a great job at our house, they are really friendly, helpful and reliable. I would thoroughly recommend them. Thanks!

Heather Thompson


Msb pest control came out to sort out a wasps next in our loft Absolutely fantastic service, very professional and efficient Thankyou msb pest control

Shelly Harris


After finding a wasps nest the hard way! MSB were brilliant! Came the same day and the service was very professional and fast! Highly recommended



Excellent, fast professional, & discreet service. Great to have a friendly face arrive promptl to deal with the problem, & follow up to check all was ok. Would highly recommend.

Becky L


Wasp nest:- called and Matt came out the same afternoon and expertly dealt with wasps nest. I would recommend this efficient and friendly service.

P Dennis

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Prompt & efficient service. Cured our rodent problem no fuss or bother. Very satisfied would highly recommend.

K Lilley

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MSB pest control were absolutely excellent. Prompt, very helpful and very reasonable pricing. Thoroughly recommended.

S Randall

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